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Specific Physiotherapy Management for Cyclists and Triathletes:


Ed has been a competitive racing cyclist for 23 years, and he knows only too well what the effects of intense training can have on the body.  Ed was a 'First Category Rider' for many years and has won medals on the track at both National and World level, he now races for York Cycleworks race team. He has also been training/coaching cyclists and triathletes for 15 years. He still takes part in time trials ranging from 10-25 miles and has recently won the local Tadcaster Time trial League. 


Ed is currently working with a number of elite triathletes including, Philip Graves (Professional Triathlete and Youngest Ironman and 70.3 Champion in History, recently 5th in the London Triathlon) and Rich Whitfield (Winner of numerous local events and recently 13th in Iron Man Copenhagen)


The combination of Ed's experience of racing and coaching with Ben's expertise in Strength and Conditioning allows us to offer a unique Physiotherapy management programme for cyclists and triathletes.  The specific management prorammes includes the diagnosis and effective treatment of injuries, prevention of injuries, sports massage and strength & conditioning programmes.  This means you can train faster, harder and longer! 


Whether you ride your bike on or off-road, whether you are a serious racer or just ride for fun, or commute to work. If you have a cycling-related issue then Core Fitness & Physiotherapy will provide you with individually tailored treatment, education and offer training solutions to ensure you make a full recovery and enjoy riding your bike pain free! 

If Triathlon is your sport then whether you are a seasoned Professional taking part in international competitions or an absolute beginner just starting out in the sport, if you have an injury or just want to stay injury free, then Core Fitness & Physiotherapy can help you!

We start your Physiotherapy management with a comphensive subjective assessment in order to find out about your training history, training goals and any previous injuries you may have suffered from.  This is followed by a thorough physical examination to determine possible causes of your problem.  We may perform a gait assessment and if appropriate we are able to make referals to an Orthotist if insloes are required.  You can also bring your bike along with you and we can assess your riding position to find out if it is this causing the injury.  We work closely with York Cycleworks who provide a full cycle fitting service.

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