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At Core Fitness & Physiotherapy not only do we specialise in sports injuries, back pain and general aches & pains, our physiotherapists are highly qualified Personal Trainers and Strength & Conditioning Coaches. This allows us to diagnose and treat injuries but it also gives us the unique ability to ensure our clients make a full return to activity, whether it be international sport, going to the gym or gardening!

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Specific Physiotherapy Management for Cyclists & Triathletes:

We are specialists in treating Cycling and Triathlon specific injuries, if you have a Cycling or Triathlon related problem then Core Fitness & Physiotherapy will provide you with inidividually tailored treatment, education and offer training solutions to ensure you make a full recovery and enjoy your sport!


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Our Services

Find out about the services we offer including Physiotherapy, Personal Training, Strength & Conditioning and Weight Loss Boot Camps.


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"Ed helped me to strengthen my injured shoulder and improve my posture. His approach is thoughtful and structured” Mike, aged 59


“Thanks to Ed’s help and advice I recovered from a long term
back problem, lost 10kg and reduced my blood pressure”
Lynn, aged 42


"After only a few weeks, I started to notice a change in my body shape; I felt physically and mentally stronger and the pain in my back had considerably lessened" Jo, aged 40 


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Core Fitness & Physiotherapy based inYork is focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction - we will do everything we can to meet your expectations.


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