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Physiotherapy led bike fits now available.

Physiotherapist led bike fit at York Cycleworks

This service is aimed at individuals who have existing injuries and for those who have had multiple bike fits in the past but continue to struggle with pain and discomfort.  This comprehensive, evidence based bike fit is also ideal for newcomers to cycling and old pro’s alike.  A great bike fit will allow better performance, comfort and may reduce the risk of injury.

A Physiotherapist has a greater understanding of anatomy and physiology, biomechanics, human movement, strength and conditioning and the rehabilitation process.  This knowledge combined with York Cycleworks expertise allows us to provide a truly unique service.

Most bike fitting methods are based on “average” body measurements, though this is merely a starting point.   However, there is no such thing as an “average” or “normal” body!  We are all unique, we are different shapes and sizes and have different strengths and weaknesses.  These differences can impact on the bike fitting process and ultimately affect power, comfort and the risk of injury.  This is where the skill and knowledge of the professional completing the bike fit is essential.

A Physiotherapist is able to perform a more detailed physical examination and is able to interpret the information accordingly, guided by experience and clinical reasoning.   This combined with the best available evidence enables us to carry out a bespoke and detailed bike fit.

A Physiotherapist is ideally placed to carry out a comprehensive subjective and objective assessment as this process is the corner stone of our profession.  We start with a detailed subjective assessment in order to find out about your medical history, cycling background, training goals, work, other hobbies and any previous injuries you may have suffered from.  This is followed by a thorough physical examination in order to diagnose any potential problems, the physical examination also gives direction to the bike fit.

During the physical assessment we will consider posture, active and passive joint range of motion, joint stability, muscular strength and flexibility, functional strength and movement patterns.  This physical assessment will highlight possible factors that could cause pain or discomfort and reduced power therefore limiting performance and enjoyment.

Using the Trek Precision Fit Jig we can use video analysis, pressure mapping, and power output on both legs to analyse the efficiency of your existing position. The difference between a standard bike fit and a Physiotherapist led fit at this part of the process is that the Physiotherapist is able to perform stretches and joint mobilisation to assess the impact on changes of position.  For example, if someone isn’t sitting squarely on the saddle and is experiencing knee pain, it could be the result of a stiff lumbar spine and tight hip flexors.  The Physiotherapist could then perform lumbar spine mobilisations and hip flexor stretches to address these problems and then re-assess the bike position for pelvic alignment on the saddle.  Following this process we normally see an improvement in alignment of the lower limb, power output and reduced pain.  This method combined with the use of insoles, wedges and shims is used to optimise your position on the bike.

The Physiotherapist bike fit process is only the start of the service we offer, we will provide you with an individually tailored treatment and rehabilitation plan, education and offer training solutions so you can enjoy riding your bike fast and pain free.


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